Right to Wind Up


Dewey & LeBoeuf

Looks like one of the giants of the legal community is going under. Feel bad for all of the 3Ls who had offers because they are completely fucked right now. Also, right in the middle of finals is not the greatest time for them to find out that they have no job after graduation.

Doubly fucked because most law firms have a provision in their loans/credit accounts with their lenders that stipulates that losing a certain percentage of partners is considered a default on which the banks can call in their loans. #death spiral .

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This and caffeine are the only things sustaining my will to live while studying the intricacies of partnership dissolution and it’s effects on a former partner’s liability to acts committed during the partnership under the Uniform Partnership Act of 1914. On a side note, I really want to go clubbing in a skeezy club in Prague now.

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Life is coming together this summer and fall: Loving the dogs, Living in Philly, Working at the 3rd Circuit, Getting Married (Best of all!!), and Honeymooning.

Looking across the channel to Deer Island, Skull & Bones’ island.

Looking across the channel to Deer Island, Skull & Bones’ island.

Found the shoal.

Found the shoal.

Philadelphia Charity Ball event

Gotta love the alma mater